Iktomi is a python package providing some basic tools for creating web applications. Iktomi is built on top of webob and supports Python 2.7 and Python 3.5.

It contains few independent subpackages, you can use both, or just one of them:

  • iktomi.web, a flexible and extensible routing tool, suitable to dispatch HTTP requests between various views (or controllers).
  • iktomi.forms, a web forms validation and rendering tool.
  • iktomi.cli, a layer for building command-line utilities.
  • iktomi.templates, an adaptation layer for template engines, in particular, for jinja2.
  • iktomi.db, database utilities, in particular, sqlalchemy types, collections, declarative mixins.

Some things are dedicated to package iktomi.unstable. This means the interfaces are unstable or unclear in some point, and we do not want to gurarantee their permanence for a long time.